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Text Box: Parents of accomplished minds often expend considerable sums in the musical education of their families under an experienced preceptor, and spare no expense in the purchase of an instrument. Without, however, they possess some knowledge of good instruments they are often deceived ; instances of which have frequently fallen wider my observation in repairing instruments. Many parents have gone to the expense of ten pistoles for a Violin, which was worth scarcely as many dollars. The Violin justly holds a pre-eminent rank amongst all instruments played with the bow. It may indeed be termed a perfect instrument, as, by the peculiarity of its construction, the minutest gradation of tone can be produced upon it. The same remark may in some degree be applied to the other instruments of a similar construction, viz. the Tenor, Violoncello and Double Bass, although the effect capable of being produced on them is certainly not to be put in comparison with the soul-enlivening harmony elicited from the Violin, under the hands of a skilful performer. I shall therefore commence with a description of the construction of this instrument, merely premising that the other instruments of the same form, viz. the Tenor, Violoncello and Double Bass, are composed of precisely the same parts, with the only difference of being on a larger scale. When complete, the Violin consists of fifty eight different parts, which may be enumerated as follows
2 pieces for the back
2 pieces for the  belly or sound-board
4 pieces for the  corner blocks
2 pieces for the  end blocks
6 pieces for the  ribs or sides
12 pieces for the  nings
I piece for the sound or bass bar
12 pieces for the  purfling
1 piece for ebony rest for the tail—piece
1 piece for the ebony (or sometimes ivory) nut
1 piece for ebony tail-piece
1 piece for ebony finger-board
4 pieces for screws or pegs
1 piece for the neck
1 piece for the button for the tail-piece
4  strings
1 wire or catgut connecting the tail-piece with the button
1 sound post
1 bridge
*inferior instruments the finger-board is usually made of stained wood, or simply veneered with ebony, but in instruments of value they are invariably of solid ebony.
Text Box: Years ago I began learning violin at school but after leaving school my violin studies ceased. Years later I began making great progress with learning the guitar with an online course and wondered if there was something similar for violin.  Of course there is!.....

The online violin course is called ViolinMasterPro and teaches the complete Eric Lewis method  for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, as well as young players who have never picked up the instrument before. It teaches how to play sonatas, solos, concertos and more.

The Eric Lewis method is an incredibly complete solution to mastering the violin and is easy to apply. All you have to do is download the videos and mp3s  in a step by step instructional sequence. I certainly found this watch and copy video method very easy to work with. Unlike a human tutor the video never gets tired of being rewound again and again!



You can apply the Eric Lewis method to Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Bluegrass and more. This system is powerful and is a terrific foundation for any player at any age. The course teaches you to master your instrument in a logical sequence that allows you to play any type of music. Personally I’m concentrating on classical music at the moment but my friend Fiach is keen for me to join in with his Irish Folk band—no problem with this course.

It is never too early, nor too late to play the violin. It is an awesome instrument, and Eric Lewis will show you exactly why. 
Text Box: From this circumstance the idea occurred to me that a vibration kept up for a length of time tended to extract the resinous particles from the wood, and make it more porous and better adapted for producing a good tone, and such is the fact. This induced me further to try what improvement in the tone could be effected by a constant playing of two tones in fifths: after an hours exercise in this manner, these two tones became much less rough and glassier than any other in the instrument. Having now discovered that two tones played together with a strong bow produced a greater volume of vibration, I then tried it by fourths throughout all the tones. They all experienced alike the desired improvement, and A sharp and C sharp were equally as good as D or G. The reason of this singular effect my duty to my family prevents me from divulging, I shall however notice the alterations it produces in the tone of the 65 instrument. When the instrument is first put into use the tone is clear and easily brought out. By practising it, however, eight days in the manna above, the tone becomes harsh and offensive to the ear and difficult of production: the instrument then appears as if it would never be fit to be heard again (In this second stage the greatest number instruments are spoilt; from the want of patience in the professor or dilletanti, by scraping out the wood, alteration of the bass bar and other contrivances. Those that are weak in wood become bad in this process, and never afterwards improve. They never reach the third period.) But by persevering. in exercising on two tones together it gradually reaches the third period, as the instrument, like wax, receives every impression, and eventually recovers its fullness and power. It then becomes easy in the tone, and acquires the beauty of an instrument which has been long in use. This, however, requires three months’ continual practice.
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Review & Recommended Violin Lessons

Learn to play the violin from one of the greatest
players in the world. All from the comfort of your own home on video.

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The Violin and the Study of Music

The study of Music is in the present age one of the most delightful sources of relaxation amongst polished society. It diffuses a charm as well over the small domestic party as over large assemblies.

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About the master himself: Eric Lewis has been teaching violin privately for over 40 years and  at institutions of higher learning everywhere he goes, enabling young violin players to fulfil their violinistic dreams.

Prof. Lewis is the world renowned first violinist of the Manhattan String Quartet of 40 years. He has toured the world since the 1970’s across North and South America, Europe, Russia and the far east concertizing and teaching.

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Why do Classic Violins Sound So Good  ?

It is not age, but the constant use of an instrument which produces a smooth clear tone, this is an incontrovertible fact. I have by me some common-made Violins which had been used by a village musician for twenty years in playing dances, and being in a damaged state I bought them at a very trifling price. Finding, upon examination, that they were strong throughout in the wood, and had good red deal bellies, I tried what could be made of them, by giving them the true proportions, and succeeded in obtaining a Violin, which, although every connoisseur immediately knew to be a trade fiddle, yet the tone turned out by no means inferior to an Italian one. I sold it to the concert director at Fulda for a small fortune!

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The Complete ViolinMasterPro learning system:

Learn how to play Violin from beginning to professional right on your computer from the comfort of your own home.  You will successfully play violin with this course. ViolinMasterPro system comes with Video lessons, Exclusive Jam tracks, exercises, scales, chords, and step by step instructions for all stages. In addition to the exclusive system, you will be given 1000+ scales and arpeggios, exclusive resources and our library jam tracks to play along with. Everything you need to learn from start to finish is here. You will be given the tools to develop an incredible skill with a violin.
Its all downloadable through our members section. It's easy, quick and applicable for every player.

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